Discover the nu way to go green

LED lighting, HVAC systems, REFRIGERATION, and POWER solutions are among some of the ways we can help you save. 

turn on your savings

Save 40-60% on energy usage

Compared with CFL, HID, or incandescent, LED can reduce energy usage by as much as 75% over what you may be using now.

Improve Appearances

Immediately transforms your facility into a high-visibility environment. Improves exterior and interior appearances attracting your customers while creating a safe work environment.

Reduced maintenance

LED lights can last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. This increased life span reduces the maintenance needs of both indoor and outdoor lights. Combine that with our 5 year warranty for the ultimate peace of mind.

LED Solutions

hvac Solutions


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Turn on your savings with a customized LED retrofit. Find your plan today!

Customer service

Our dedicated project managers work with you through the application, survey, installation, and follow-up of every project. You have a direct line to the individual that will see your project through to completion.


While the ROI on our energy efficiency solutions speak for themselves, not everyone can afford the upfront capital to get the project knocked out. We provide financing options* that, in most cases, enable us to keep your payments at or below your average monthly savings! That’s right, you heard me! With our financing options* you will save more than you spend!

*You knew this was coming… Pending credit approval

How we do it

1.  A completed credit application (if you’re interested in financing your retrofit)

2.  Electricity rates and usage information

3.  A scheduled time to survey your facility

We perform a detailed site survey to estimate your current energy usage breakdown and gather details on the equipment we’re able to retrofit.

We take the information gathered during the site survey and put together a single proposal that highlights your potential energy savings vs the equipment retrofit costs.

We schedule and execute installation of all purposed energy saving solutions.

Your next energy bill will reflect the energy savings!